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I have noticed over the past week that there has been some really nasty things said about some really beautiful people in the quilting world.  Reading these comments and seeing how it effects the people concerned and the people that love them has been hard.  

I have kept my nose clean so far and Will continue to do so but i just wanted to write about it a little and how the effects of this sort of thing can flow through the whole quilting community. 

The issues have been that a few quilters have created a Secret Conservative Quulters Group. That by now is not so secret.  The issue wasn't with the group's political standing nor with the fact that it was secret.  It was with the fact that some of the people and i say SOME because not all the members got involved in the slinging match, decided to interfere with other quilters incomes because they didn't agree with how they lived, who they loved, Nor who they voted for. 

I need to ask..... what has this got to do with quilting?????    Answer.....NOTHING!

I feel that people need to let other people be themselves regardless of whom they vote for or whet religious beliefs they have.  What could that possibly have to do with quilting. Again....Nothing!

So despite all the goings on in this group and online i think that we need to get back to what we love and that's quilting. 😁

How has the above issues effected me? Well, seeing people that i believe to be good people being attacked online and seeing the hurt and pain its caused them has indeed been hard to watch and read.  It saddens me to think they are being hurt this way and it saddens me that i can't do a lot about it. 

So moving forward i feel that quilting and art is the best form of therapy to relieve any pain.  Hence my Blog.

So for those who are feeling the effects of what has been happening i am sending you all lots of happy arty quilty vibes and hoping that you can draw/quilt/paint your way out of the goo that has been thrown at you. 

Sending all my love and warm hugs across the oceans to you all.  Xxxxxxxxx fly high 

With love Michelle

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