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Bali Cultural Retreat 2019

We had a fantastic time in Bali this year.

Too many things were experienced to be able to tell you all everything.

But I will try and tell you most things

We landed late in Bali and wad driven to Ubud to stay for a couple of days.

We met many local people and saw traditional fabric weaving that is still done by hand in the small villages.

The local villagers were very friendly and extremely thankful. Its a very humbling experience.

Below I have place some photos of a local family who were in the process of building more in their site for offerings and living quarters. The whole family lives here. So 3 generations. Very fascinating.

This lady is carrying the items for offerings

We then went to see the weaving

Then we met a man who hand paints wooden eggs

We relaxed by the pool

Visited some traditional shops

Met a lovely lady who makes offerings for a living in a very remote village

Met some local children at the village

Got my hair braided lol

Went to a water park and walked on water

Sat poolside for a day

Came close to a Volcano 😁

Went to My Batur and swam in the heated natural spring Water

Painted some fabric

Met a few different locals

And went shopping in Denpasar

The trip was so good that we are doing it again next year but we are going to do a bit of island hopping and more shoppingand more painting.

Sooo much fun

Great bunch of ladies

The tour guide was brilliant

The driver was brilliant too

Hope you cam come next year will us there are limited seats of 14 and 7 spots are filled already.

We will be advertising expressions of interest soon and it will be first in best dressed😁

Happy days


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Fay Fatma Smith
Fay Fatma Smith
Jun 13, 2019

Thanks for holiday photos you did neat good holiday Fay

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