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Butterfly Tangle

This workshop is a 2 day workshop 

You learn how to sew using free motion quilting and thread art.

You will also learn how to do some bobbin work and some basic fabric coloring.

Being a 2 day workshop this is suitable for beginners upwards

Tapunto Workshop

Learn how to create a Trapunto design of flowers using your sewing machine and some great techniques that you can easily duplicate at home.

You will learn:


Free Motion Quilting

Bobbin Work

This workshop is a 2 day workshop to apply all the above techniques, it can be done in a 1 day workshop but this would not include free motion quilting.

Great for intermediate and above sewers

Cone Flower Blues

This workshop is a 2 day workshop that you learn how to use acrylic paints on fabrics, you will learn how to use them in a couple of different ways.

You will learn some thread art

Also free motion quilting

and how to paint details on your art piece 

This workshop tends to help people realise they don't need to be artists to create art, they just need to have fun

Zen Quilting

Wow this is a fantastic workshop that can be applied in 1 or 2 day workshops.

Learning the beginnings of Zen Quilting and how to apply it to your fabric and make your own art piece.

You will learn:

Free motion quilting


Its a great way to be a little freer with your quilting and enjoy the process more

After the Fire

This workshop is all about creating your own art piece using thread and Ink dyes.

Normally a 2 day workshop

You learn how to use dyes with your backing fabric

How to thread sketch

Bobbin work

And Free Motion Quilting

Great workshop for those wanting a little more than the normal challenges

All Buttoned Up

I found a pattern for cathedral windows and thought that it was just lovely. I had been looking for a pattern type to teach at my next workshop. 

I found one and then changed the design of it so that it turned out like the picture. 


I think it is just lovely.

I have machine sewn this whole item, even the cathedral windows are machined. 

Check out the calendar for dates and times for the next workshop available


Straight Round the Bend

2 Day workshop

This is a fantastic quilt using all straight cuts/lines to create the illusion of corners and circles.  Very effective.

There is a fair bit of cutting and preparation for this project so please let me know if you are wanting to attend and I will get you the requirements list and then you will be given a cutting list of what needs to be cut and prepared before the workshop. 


This will save time on the day.

Absolutely worth the effort :)

Check out the calendar for dates and times for the next class avaialble

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