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Burst of Summer Workshop 

What a great weekend we had Organised by Mandy murnane from inspired to quilt I was asked to teach some foundation piecing up in Cobram So I thought I would choose something that was a little bit more challenging and we did New York beauty After organising everything and getting a packs ready for the girls I jumped in the car with all my stock and went up to Cobram on the Friday to help set up in the afternoon. Mandy and her Entourage of faithful wonderful women helped her get the room ready for when I arrived to set up my goodies. So the next day on Saturday we rocked up ready and raring to go. The girls were a little bit overwhelmed at the start but once we got going they really kicked it and went well beyond what I thought that they would finish Some of the ladies had already done some foundation piecing and really took to it like a duck to water and some others hadn't done any and had to start from the beginning with no background in foundation piecing and learnt the way I was taught way back in the beginning of my quilting patchwork life. So day one we started with just learning what foundation piecing was and how to start each piece. The trick to this is obviously knowing which end and what piece is number one luckily I had already marked these out in order which made it easy for the girls to just start confidently sewing. I went around to each and every table and made sure that everyone was all on track and understood what the project meant and how to go about starting and how to go about the second step and so forth. My wonderful mother was there, Carole and she really helps a lot when I couldn't get to everyone as there were 17 people in the room she made sure that no one was left unattended and made sure I knew which person needed the assistance. So Below I have photos of what the girls did on the weekend this was over 2 days a Saturday and the Sunday and I really think that they did a fantastic job.

There were so many more photos that i could show you but here are some selfies with the girls.

So I finally recovered from my laryngitis and my cold thank goodness and we had a fantastic weekend of laughs and fun and creating.

Next year we are going to do the cockatoo quilt called THE PIRATE.

If you are interested in coming along to that workshop we are taking expressions of interest now there will be limited spaces available of 17 people.

You can contact me and leave your details with me and I will pass them onto Mandy for you if you are interested we have so far 14 expressions of interest so it will be first-in-best-dressed.

The weekend after the June long weekend will be the date

This will be confirmed on booking

Cost will also be confirmed at a later date

The workshop will be for 2 days on a Saturday and Sunday we are discussing to make it 3 days from Friday to Sunday. Included in your cost we will be a partial kit and pattern for the quilt.

Hope to see you there



Mob: 0439005301 for expressions of interest


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