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Fabric art and all that it can be means so much to me.   I love to paint and i live to create.  

Lately i have been thinking about my direction and where my business is going.

And although i have been successfully teaching general patchwork and quilting my passion is in the arts. 

Creation is the most amazing thing sometimes when you start a project you have it in your mind where you are going to end up.  But i find that most of the time its a guessing game lol. 

Normally the artwork tells me when to stop.  It's not something i think about it seems to be something i just do. 

The feelings you get creating is had to describe but it is as important to me as breathing.  Its so important, to stop would be damaging to my health and psychological well-being. 

So i am really sharing some deep thoughts now lol. 

But in saying all this.  I have decided that art is my world after my family and also art is my business.  I love quilting and will still continue to do it if course but teaching art and creating is my first love.  

Fabric art is such a wonderful part of my business because it has no boundaries and no mistakes it just IS. And that i love.  Teaching people some basics and watching then grow and create really makes me so happy.  I love seeing the look on peoples faces when they realise they CAN do it too.

So i have added a few pictures for you to look through. You might have seen then before but here they are again. Enjoy and see you at the workshop. 😁😙

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