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AQC 2017


What a day....

It started out really good with a bus trip to Melbourne from Ballarat. There was 4 of us traveling together.  Mandy, Cate, Jeanette and myself.  We arrived at the train station with plenty of time and jumped on the buses as the trains weren't working.  Unfortunately the bus driver locked Cate out and she had to go on the next one to Melbourne.  Was a little stressful for poor Cate😔

Once we arrived at Melb Spencer St  Station we all caught up and proceeded to the short walk to the tram. Rode the tram up the hill and got off right infront of the Exhibition Buildings all ready for the day.  Chatting and laughing the whole way walking in making new friends as we went lol. 

Once we got in we decided to split up and meet back at the cafe at noon.  

Cate and I wandered around for a while looking and chatting.  Dropping in on some people i hadn't seen in a while.  Ok so now im name dropping... chatted to my hero Helen Godden for a while.  Played on the Handi Quilters 😁 made some more random friends he he. 

Then went past Leonie and West from Westalee and did a quick hello as they were very busy.  Around the corner stopped and chatted to Michelle Hill and the girls from Pakenham 😁 enough name dropping yet he he he.... spoke to Tracy from Heights Sewing Center in Geelong as i am teaching in werribee next week for her and if course John from Bellarine sewing centre in Geelong also.

Then saw Jeneene from Brother and got a huge hug and cuddle cos she is awesome.  She looks amazing by the way.  Then around the corner and chatted to Zoe Clifton whom i love to bits at the scan and cut stand.  😁❤

I think it was almost lunch so we wandered over to the cafe to meet up with Mandy and Jeanette. All the while poor Cate was being dragged around being introduced to all these people. 

After having lunch outside with the girls i  the sunshine, Yes sunshine.... we went straight back in to check out more of what was happening and who i could catch up with. 😉

I dropped into the Echidna stand and chatted to Amanda there for a bit and then one of the Brother Australia people caught up with me and we went and had a cuppa.  By this time i had lost Cate....... as Dean and i were chatting and walking we bumped into Cate and she looked absolutely stressed.  After asking what happened she said she had lost her purse.... buggar.... so off we went to the main desk and the lady said yes someone had handed it in..... raced over to the booking area and collected it.  Thankfully the person who handed it in was a lovely honest lady and nothing had been touched.......cate was very relieved. 

So our little drama was over and off we went again.  Looking around the amazing artwork and quilts that people had spent hours doing and creating to put on show just for us, well it felt like that anyway. 😁

Here are some of the pics from the show. 

So now it's nearly time to go.  I have said hello to just about everyone.  Seen heaps of students and buddies along the way.  Cate has had an eventful day.  Mandy and Jeanette were stuffed from doing 600000 laps and we had drank coffee and eaten ourselves silly. 

But i have more pics to show you.  The work was lovely and inspiring. 

Looking forward to the July show now😁

Hope you enjoyed our day and actually got to be there and feel the vibe of the event too.

Cheers Michelle