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Pounce Pad with Chalk Refill - White

Our original white chalk before the Ultimate, it's still a fantastic marker for dark fabrics, does not iron off but can be brushed or washed off. The White Pounce Pad comes with enough White Chalk Powder to fill the pad several times, (at least 5).

Everyone's quilts are different so it's difficult to say "x" amount of quilts can be marked but we can say one bag was opened right before a major quilt show last spring, and we used the pad non-stop demonstrating how to transfer the Full Line Stencils 9 hours a day for 4 days and we still had a quarter of the bag left at the end.

That's a lot of quilt marking! Refills are also available through us and soon hopefully at a local Quilt Shop in your area.

Pounce Pad with Chalk Refill - White

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