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Wholecloth disaster

Well well well, just good to prove that we are all human!

I finished a small wholecloth last week and it was lovely. 

Clean white lovely stitching

Then I washed it in the washing machine in warm water

Shrink!!!!!???? NO

The blue line pen came back wih a vengeance!

It was like a brown line that just wouldn't go away.......

I tried everything, washed it 6 times.  Soaked it for days! Scrubbed it with bleach!!!!! Nothing worked so i gave up and decided it was meant to be a different colour!

I went about getting my dyes out and started tying it up in knots. I then threw dye at it and ran....... for a few hours anyway. 

Eventually i decided that it had spent enough time in the dye (overnight) and cut all the ties off and started to unravel my dilemma.

I must say i was reasonably happy with the results.

Just goes to show that not all mistakes are a bin project😁

Happy sewing😁


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