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Fabric art

I recently started a new project cos that's what you do when you already have 10000 projects on the go at once. 

I seem to be stuck at moment on cockatoos and animals.  Just love how they make me feel.  I live in a rural area in country Victoria and every day i wake up and go outside to sit and have a cuppa and get serenaded by the wildlife here. 

They really inspire me to create and give me reasons to keep on creating. 

So a friend of mine called Carol Moyse is a photographer and she is just brilliant.  Her photos are so crisp and clean.  After asking for permission to use her photos for inspiration i first painted a cockatoo in acrylics on canvas which i have shown you all before.  But here it is again. 


This painting is for sale by the way. 

I then was inspired to create an art quilt using another of Carol's photos. 

So far it's still a work in progress but i am loving the texture and results.  I will eventually throw sone paint at it as i can't help myself.  I have already painted the background fabric out is sewn to.

So keep an eye out for the finished product. 

Here are some progress pics. 

Close up of the wing

The main body of the quilt.  Still not the whole quilt 

The chest area

You can see the progress In these photos and see i have a lot more to do.  

Really looking forward to seeing the finished piece.  They seem to evolve as i go. 

Happy sewing 

Remember be happy not perfect😉

Cheers Michelle

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