Purple Pixies

Ok i know the name sounds rather mystical but believe me there is nothing mystical about the Purple Pixies.

Every second Monday i go to Geelong with my mum and sit and sew with a group of ladies.  We have some laughs, cuppas and some lunch.  

We gather at about 10am and stay till about 2pm. We have show and tell with all the wonderful projects people have been making.  We have the occasional raffle for fund raising for the group and we do some charity work too.

We also have a Christmas In July, Easter and Christmas gathering where we all bring plates off food and eat our hearts out. 

Twice a year we also have garage sales where we bring our goodies we want to sell and make a little cash for ourselves and grab a bargain. 

And do you know that all this is done by just one woman organising and collaborating with others to get it all working. 

Did i mention that she also organises 2 retreats a year for us.....

Amazing right..... yes she is..... i know that this lady doesn't do any of this for the recognition but i feel that she needs to be recognised and she needs to know that we (the Purple Pixies) appreciate and love all that she does. 

This ladies name is Deb. That is all i am going to say.  She knows who she is and the group knows who i am talking about.  

So this little blog is a big shout out to DEB from the Purple Pixies in Geelong.... love ya ❤

Now getting back to the group.  If you are I  the Geelong area and want to sit and sew with a group of fantastic women and enjoy a non-clicky group then this is the one. 

So email sms text or message me if you want to tag along.  For $3 a fortnight its a great day to spend with like minded people. 😁 

Hope to hear from some of you soon. 



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