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Guest Speaker at Geelong Quilters and Patchwork Guild

My day started as most days, sitting in my PJ's having a cuppa, sorting out kids and hubby...... then i remembered.....................arhhhhh

I am guest speaker at the Geelong Quilters and Patchwork Guild today!!!!

So up I got, Rang the Hubby, Sorted the kids some more, Rang a neighbour to help out, flew into the shower, ironed my pants, did my hair, even put on a little makeup for the day to cover up my tired eyes.

So I rushed out the door with all my samples and all my patterns and filled up my little car, and took to the road, being an hours drive to Geelong I had time to think and ponder what my speech was going to be like.

Almost into Geelong and I was starting to get a little nervous and decided I needed a coffee on the way, so I stopped at Teesdale and grabbed one to go.

Back in the car and getting closer to the destination, I was taken back by how the area had changed since I was a child living in Belmont, going to Belmont Primary School.

Driving past the old school was a bit nostalgic and made me smile.

I arrived at the Guild Meeting and unloaded my car, parked it in a spot that didn't get in anyone's way, dragged myself inside the building. And with a big smile, I said, "Made it!"

Cheryl was very happy to see me, I met up with some ladies I hadnt seen for a while which was lovely, got to relax and have a coffee and chat to some of the members. All very friendly and interested in my display of quilts and artwork.

After all the show and tell, the meeting requirements were met, I was introduced.......then the nerves hit.................................. :(

I took a deep breath and said, "Well, if i wasn't nervous then, I am now" and had a laugh.

I chatted about where I began, from my childhood experiences with my Grandmother and my Mother showing me how to Knit, Sew, Crochet, Long Stitch, Cross Stitch, Tapestry Stitching, and many more things that i cant remember.

I explained that as a young girl we weren't made of money so to have nice clothes I would make them, or my mother would make them for me if they were a bit difficult.

I told them about the teacher I had in High School that told me I couldn't draw and I should go and do secretarial studies. Any how that made me feel back then, how I didn't draw for many years because of that comment, and his lack of support.

If only I could remember his name, I would love to see him now and say - "there, look, I can draw, and I can be artistic and I CAN..."

Sorry I digress.........So getting back to the speech that I made, I discussed how I was "Only a Mum" and that I was 'Only a Wife", for a long time. That I have always needed and liked to draw and create, and that need has never left me.

I was surprised that no one fell asleep really..... he he he

I then explained that I had a florist shop in Melbourne for many years and that really got me back into the creative world, opened that door again for me without feeling inadequate as I did as a child in High School.

I then got married and had children which really stopped the business of floristry for me as I could no longer work those long hours with a small family.

After being "Just a Mum" for a few years I was feeling like I needed something more than just scrapbooking my photos of the family.

I was walking past a shop in Kilmore and decided to walk in and take a look..... that was it ......I was hooked completely.

I started my first workshop with Faye Winther and I learnt how to piece by hand and to quilt by hand, I also learnt how to piece with my machine. But I also knew that I wouldn't live long enough to make all the things I wanted to make if I did it all by hand, so I upgraded my machine and started sewing like a mad woman.

And I mean Mad Woman!

I made quilt after quilt, I went to workshop after workshop, my thirst for learning was incredible and I really wanted to learn different things, other than patchwork, arty stuff!

So one weekend Faye had invited Lisa Walton along to do a weekend workshop and I learnt how to dye, stamp, embellish, paint, cut up, and resew back together fabric to make an amazing collage of color and interest.

Again totally Hooked!!!!

From there I have grown to learn new and amazing things and really love to learn from different teachers and different people that I meet, My thirst for learning hasn't subsided at all. I still thrive for it and learn something new everyday, no matter how small or large it is, its always wonderful to learn new things. And sometimes you learn from the least person you expect. So therefore I have really learnt to be more than artistic, and sew, I have learnt to listen, be patient, appreciate people, and to grow daily.

I digressed again.........

So after my chat that really only took just over half an hour, I got a round of applause which was lovely and a gorgeous card from the Guild and a lovely gift for attending.

The meeting was ended and they all came in and swarmed around the table that had all my quilts, patterns and artwork, I was answering questions left, right and center, and really was amazed at how much interest they had in my work and how much they appreciated what I did.

It was very humbling and really made me feel so wonderful.

The ladies at the Guild were just fantastic and they really made my day. I want to put out a big thank you to Cheryl at the Guild and all the other fantastic ladies that helped on the day displaying my quilts and artwork and supporting me in MY FIRST EVER GUEST SPEAKER appearance.

Thanks again ladies xxx Look forward to a workshop there next year maybe :)

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