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Weekend at Heathcote

Wow what a fantastic weekend........

Day 1

We arrived on Friday arvo at the Heathcote Country Lodge and sort out our rooms and the tables and our seating.

I also had a great array of products to share with the girls. They really loved having a shop handy for the weekend.

So after settling in and introducing everyone and getting our machines out and sorted, it was time to let the laughs begin.......And did we laugh :)

I decided that for the first night we would have a BBQ and everyone put in $5 and we were fed like kings with meat and salad and had enough even for the next days lunch. It was a great little set up as we had the BBQ area next to the pool with tables and chairs. Although the pool was out of order we still enjoyed the resort type feel.

Day 2

After a reasonable amount of sleep we all had breakfast and some of the ladies went for a little walk in the country fresh air. The sweat shop started as soon as everyone got back from breakfast.......Sewing Sewing Sewing..... Great feel to the room and the ladies all got along well.

After lunch we went back to the sweat shop and did a little more sewing.

The results of the girls hard work is just gorgeous. They all had beautiful projects to finish and boy did they work......

Fabrics and Sewing Accessories all ready for the girls

Heaps of tables set up for a big weekend

some fabrics that i had on special for the girls

Saturday night we decided to go the the Commercial Hotel in Heathcote for dinner. I think our laughter and noise drove away the locals lol...... he he he

We had a great time, the food was amazing and served within half an hour of ordering. The staff were fantastic and all a buzz with our excitement of being out and enjoying ourselves.

Our waitress Michelle was fantastic and played her part well. I made sure that one of the girls who was celebrating her birthday was very spoilt with birthday cake and a Pina Colada to wash down her dinner with.

This is Wendy with her Halo on being very angelic :)

Michelle and her Pina Colada

Chatting before Dinner

Cate having her cake outside lol well sort off through the window

Trying to give cake to Cate through the window lol

After being extremely full we decided to head back to the lodge and pursued our dreams of becoming professional sweat shop owners ha ha ha

We laughed and laughed. Some of the ladies faces were cramping from the laughter he he he.

We stitched into the wee hours and then crashed into our beds till morning.

Day 3

Well after being completely exhausted from the previous nights hysterics we crawled out of bed, had breakfast and back to the sewing. Laughing again about our night at the pub and our silly antics. We had lunch which we all put in $2 each.....yes $2 and we had a beautiful lunch and then proceeded back to the sweat shop.

After chatting, laughing, more chatting, and heaps more sewing one lady decided to tell a few jokes, that included getting up and doing some actions, which cracked us all up, some even running to the toilet crossing thieir legs as they went by, causing more laughter. My face aches thinking of it he hehe

What a Day

Again we stitched into the late hours and achieved many successes. The projects were getting finished and the tummies were full and our hearts were alive. We just enjoyed it so much that we have booked for next year.

Day 4

Final day. We all slept hard as we played hard and the ladies were fantastic at packing thier bedroom and personal items to get ready for a morning of seiwng before we packed and headed off.

Toni the owner of the establishment was just fantastic and a great support when we needed her, even when one lady locked herself out at 2am ...... She allowed us to stay until 4pm so after packing our personal items away in our cars we agian stitched our little hearts out. Had lunch which was leftovers and just yummy. One by one the ladies packed their machines away. They had lives to go back to and families to hug.

I had lots of help packing up the remainder of my store, not that there was much left mind you. They all had a little retail therapy. Packed it all into our cars and after lots of hugs and laughs and promises to do this again our weekend was over BUT not forgotten.

Enjoy some more pics

So after all that we have booked again, the ladies wanting to come again have put their names down and are ready for another fun weekend next year. I can assure you there is more fun to be had.

Hope you enjoyed my little Blog of our Weekend retreat

If you are wanting to stay at this retreat with your craft group contact Toni at this link

Heathcote Country Lodge 9 Hunter Place Heathcote VIC 3523

Ph: (03) 5433 2409


Thanks for ready my Blog, chat soon

Happy stitching

Remember be Happy not Perfect :)

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