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Pattern Making and Copying

I have been quilting for many years and have been making patterns for a few years now too.

I have noticed, in the past that some people think that making a pattern is an easy process.

The fact of the matter is that making a pattern is not so easy, we have to research, create, make, promote and sell. This can take weeks to months to do. The delight in seeing your design made by someone and loved by others far outweighs the financial rewards.

So you ask, "why do it, if you don't make money?"

The answer is simple - because we love to create, we enjoy seeing other people turn our own personal designs into their own creation.


I have heard people complain, that the fabric requirements weren't right, that there was too much fabric listed, that the instructions were hard to follow, that the photos don't give enough detail. There aren't enough sketches........ and on it goes.........

My response to this is, that when you make a pattern you do the absolute best you can to ensure there is enough fabric listed, There is only a little waste, that the instructions are not too difficult and easy to follow and that the photos are the best we can take without paying through the teeth for a professional photographer. And there are enough sketches or drawings to make sense, without confusing the do this most pattern makers rack their brains to ensure they have taken all scenarios into consideration.

To try to avoid these issues for the customer. But....... sometimes you just cant please everyone. (not that I've had any complaints....yet!)

In saying all this please be kind to your pattern makers and designers, buy the original patterns and support their business, the profits are very small and really don't cover the time and effort we put into it but we still keep going, keep creating and keep improving our patterns and designs.

Nothing bugs me more that photo copying and stealing patterns instead of purchasing, or someone taking another persons idea and changing only 5% of the pattern and calling it their own, putting their name on it. We need to protect our designers and pattern makers and their rights to make an income out of what they love to do.

So next time your friend asks, "can you get me a copy of that?"

Reply to them with something like, "sure I'll send you the link so you can order your own, :)"

Support your small businesses because that's what we are, small businesses, if you don't one day they might not be there, and then all you'll have is copy after copy after copy.....

And to finish off on a good note, My new pattern Teddies N More has really started to take off. If you are wishing to order this pattern please go to my webstore on my website and order your copy there.



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