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Teddies'n'More Machine Embroidery Launch

Block Sample

Last year I created a block of the month (BOM) called Teddies N More and it was designed for hand embroidery. But then I realized that maybe just maybe, people might want this sweet pattern as a machine embroidery option.

So I have created it.....

There are 10 blocks all up with instructions on how to put the quilt together.

You receive a booklet with the CD for you to download onto your computer and then onto a USB and straight to your machine.

You will have the option of choosing which format you like or need. And of course you can always ask me any questions you like and show me how your doing by sharing your photos here and on Facebook.

The cost of this BOM is $66.00 which will include all your instructions and the CD.

If you wish to purchases monthly instead you can also do that too and that would be an ongoing monthly purchase for the 10 months at $7.00 per month. This monthly purchase would be a digital download and you would need to print out your instructions or download them in the PDF provided.

Oh and did I mention there is a BONUS pillow pattern included in this too?

Very cute too I might add.

On my website you will also be able to purchase the individual blocks if you don't want to do the entire quilt, they will be $6.50 each but you will only receive the instructions of the embroidery not the quilt pattern.

Well that's lots of information to give you for now.

Enjoy and don't forget to add those photos for me to see and share :)

Cheers Michelle

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