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The TrueCut rulers not only provide precise measuring, but also solve one of the most common cutting frustrations: slipping and veering away from the ruler's edge. Our patented track and guide system prevent slipping and keep all of your cuts straight. Everything about TrueCut rotary cutting rulers has been innovated, from the built in holes, to raised edge providing extra safety, to the very process in which they are manufactured.


All of the TrueCut rulers have a raised edge or track on both sides that provides extra security when cutting. The ruler edge adds more surface area for the rotary blade to rest against. This gives a safer and more stable cut, while also preventing the cutter from slipping over the ruler. The edge doesn't take any extra space, or add to your measurements.


Giving you straight cuts every time

How would you like to have a ruler and cutter that gave you straight cuts every time? No more slipping away from the ruler for crooked cuts! No more accidentally cutting into your ruler, or running over the top! The raised edge on every ruler is a patented "Ruler Track" that interlocks to the special "Cutter Guide" on the TrueCut rotary cutters. As you move the cutter along the ruler's track, the guide keeps the cutter from veering away from the ruler's edge.

TrueCut uses a new, innovative process of manufacturing to provide the ultimate level of quality in rotary cutting rulers. Other rulers are cut out of acrylic, a process that leaves the ruler rigid, fragile, and brittle. TrueCut rulers are formed with an injection molded thermoplastic that makes the ruler more chip-resistant, flexible, and durable than other rulers.

Convenient "Quick Labels"

Some 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" marks are conveniently labeled for quick measuring, so there's no guessing.

Easy to see grid lines

The grids on the rulers are designed to e clearly visible on both light and dark fabrics. They are measured in 1/8 inch increments.

Can be used in both directions

Numbers along the bottom and top run both left-to right, and right-to left, so you'll never need to flip the ruler.

Angle Lines For Easy Angled Cuts

Most of our rectangle rulers have 30, 45, and 60 degree angle lines to make angled cuts easy

TrueCut Ruler (6.5'' x 6.5'')

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