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Pounce Pad with Chalk Refill - Blue

This is a great way to mark your lighter colored fabrics! It also shows up on darks as well as lights so it's a good choice for a busy print that has a lot of contrast. It does NOT iron off but you can brush it off or wash it off depending on the fabric.

Some fabrics may have to be laundered. The Pounce Pad with blue chalk comes with enough chalk powder to fill the pad several times, (at least 5).

Everyone's quilts are different so it's difficult to say "x" amount of quilts can be marked but we can say one bag was enough to demo how to transfer the Full Line Stencils at a recent show.

We used it constantly for 9 hours a day for 4 days and we still had a quarter of the bag left at the end. That's a lot of quilt marking!

Pounce Pad with Chalk Refill - Blue

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